Welcome to Encore Gifts!

We are the new online store for all things Musical Theatre. We have a clear aim: to bring together a range of suppliers with all things theatre themed and consolidate them into one easy, affordable and hopefully fun channel for theatre enthusiasts, gift searchers or just anyone looking for a nifty product!

Our journey started in response to the repeated and ongoing phrase we here around Christmas and Birthdays each year - "I know you like theatre, but I couldn't really find anything good to get you!". Theatre has played an important part in our lives and we completely agree - the existing selection of theatre related gifts, goodies and novelties is pretty poor.

Well, we hope that the answer to this issue might be our website.

So whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, family or yourself - we hope you can find something here.

We have launched with over 200 products and we are adding more daily, with a additional suppliers lined up to come online over January and February.

The most valuable thing to us as we start out on this journey is your feedback - whether its on the website, products you would like to see, products you love, products you hate, where we ship - everything is valuable feedback for us! Please feel free to drop us an email at admin@encoregifts.co.uk, or find us on Facebook or Instagram!

These channels will also be where you will first here about exciting competitions, giveaways and offers that we have lined up!

We hope you enjoy this site and look forward to spreading the stagey goodness with you all!

Thanks for dropping by,

The Encore Gifts Team