Musical Mayhem Card Game (plus EXCLUSIVE FREE 'Chitty' Card)

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Musical Mayhem Card Game

The card game is a must have for any Musical Theatre fan - order now and get an the Encore Gifts Exclusive 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' card, for free!


Musical Mayhem is a MUST HAVE card game for any musical theatre fan! With six game options on our musical theatre cards, this is a game you can play time and time again. Whether you're sat in rehearsals, having a night with some friends or on the way to your next show, there's a game to suit any occasion and it is the perfect size to take on the go!

Each card is based around a musical, classic or modern. Choose from Opening Up, Trivia Time, Hum It, Draw It, Perform It, or our personal favourite... Guess It - where you have to guess the musical from the three characters, starting hard and getting easier!

Musical Mayhem has something for everyone, from the person who loves an occasional trip to the theatre, to the person who practically lives at the theatre!

Item Details: 50x Musical Cards (Poker Sized Cards) plus 1 blank card for your own musical and instructions.

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