We at Encore Gifts are excited to announce that we will be supporting Acting For Others through our website from 25/02/2021.

How To Support:

  • Donate at checkout - we have enabled a donation option on our checkout page, enabling you to add any amount to your order. This will be collected in the same payment as our order and will be passed to Acting For Others by Encore Gifts.
  • Buy a donation product - we have listed virtual donation products which enables you to buy any amount you desire. 100% of the value you purchase will go direct to Acting for Others.
  • Buy a "Storms Don't Last Forever" Product HERE Our range of "Storms Don't Last Forever" products are now available. For each product sold we will donate 100% of the profit.

100% of the value donated will be given direct to Acting For Others. Encore Gifts will cover all the website and payment processing costs associated with these donation methods, everything you give will go to the charity.

Find out more about Acting For Others at https://www.actingforothers.co.uk/

Acting For Others is a registered charity (No. 241279)