You're On!: The Theatre Quiz Book

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Are you an avid theatre buff who can name all of Shakespeare’s plays―in chronological order―and reel off the precise number of performances for each of Broadway’s longest-running shows? Or do you see a play or a musical only now and then as a special treat? Either way, You’re On! will tease your brain and tickle your memory. Casual theater-goers and seasoned thespians alike will enjoy the challenge―and maybe learn a few little-known facts about their favorite shows and stars.

  • Do you know what the original title of Oklahoma! was and why it was changed?

  • About whom did critic Brooks Atkinson said, “He played Mr. Darcy with all the flexibility of a telephone pole?”

  • Can you name ten shows in which God appears as a character?

  • What famous actor’s last words were “Dying is easy―comedy is hard”?

  • Which Broadway star was also an opera singer, a nightclub performer, and a baseball team owner?

  • And what character says, “Gin was mother’s milk to her”?

  • So, lower the houselights and raise the curtain.

    YOU’RE ON!

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